The Beauty of Combined Art

The reason I enjoy making jewelry so much is that I can get creative and combine my tools. I have just recently gotten my ImpressArt Multi-Function Hammer Kit and I love it. The set includes 6mm texture stamp, Ball Pein Head for creating hammered textures, Chasing Head for shaping metal and a Nylon head for flattening metal , so it’s like four hammers in one! With it I can easily add texture to my blanks and make them look better.

I also have gorgeous Swarovski Xilion Bicone Beads and Crystal Pearls.

So I took two Stamping Blanks (big and small) and on the bigger one I added Artisan Hammered textures. On the smaller one I stamped letters and as a cherry on the top I put my birthstone – Swarovski Amethyst Bicone Bead. And just like that with a little creativity and not much hard work I made myself a beautiful necklace.