Birthstone necklaces

Another creative combined piece of jewelry. I textured donut blanks with my ImpressArt Multi-Function Hammer Kit and then colored it with vintage patina color. I usually use the same patina color as the birthstone so the colors match. The second step is to stamp a circle shaped blank. Here I use 3 & 6mm Zodiac Constellations 4 Stamps and ImpressArt Design Stamper (3 punches for flatback rhinestones, 1.8mm,2.5mm and 4.0mm). Zodiac constellations stamps come with instructions for each zodiac sign so it’s really easy to use; just follow the dots and stamp stamp stamp. Every zodiac constellation has the biggest dot and there I put the 2.5mm rhinestone for the compatible month. In the end I choose a matching Swarovski bead and all together it looks just stunning. The very last thing that I do is put it all on the chain. Sometimes I layer the chain so it looks even better.

August/Leo – layerd